16 April 2018
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16 April 2018, Comments: 0

Josiah’s grandfather, Manasseh, was a violent king who filled “Jerusalem from one end to the other with {the people’s} blood” (2 Kings 21:16 NLT). His father, King Amon, died at the hands of his own officers. His epitaph read “He did what God said was wrong.” Josiah was only eight when he ascended the throne. Immediately, he chose righteousness, and didn’t stop doing what was right all his life (see 2 Kings 22:2). What is the point? We can’t choose our parents, but we can pick our role models.

When Josiah was rebuilding the temple, he discovered a scroll containing God’s law. As he read it, he wept, realizing his people had drifted far from God. So he sent word to a prophetess and asked, “What will become of our people? She told Josiah that since he had repented when he heard God’s Word, his nation would be spared (2 Chronicles 34:14-27). As a result of one man’s action of integrity, an entire generation received grace! Just like Josiah, you cannot control the way your forefathers responded to God, but you can control the way you respond to God. I pray you will make choices that will cause generations from now and others to thank God for the legacy you left.

In our time among many others in the life and history of GHAFES, two individuals who continue to make choices that leaves a lasting legacy of grace is the Rev. Dr. T. B. and Dr. Mrs. Virginia Dankwa. Their impact on the ministry will reverberate through generations. Seeking to see that GHAFES continues in its core work of Missions with students, the Dankwas have agreed and allowed GHAFES to set up a legacy Missions Fund in their honor named “The Rev. Dr. T. B. Dankwa and Mrs. Dr. Virginia Dankwa Missions Fund a.k.a. “The T.B. Dankwa Missions Fund”. This fund seeks to accomplish two things; first, to educate and motivate students and associates about the importance of missions in the life of the 21st Century Christian and secondly, to help raise funds to support the Missions work of GHAFES through the Students In Church Evangelism (SICE) and the Short Term Involvement in Community Services (STICS) programs of GHAFES. We hereby invite you to join us at the launch of the “T.B Dankwa Missions Fund” on Saturday, May 26, 2018 at the SunLodge Hotel, Tesano at 2:00 PM so we can together join in setting up this fund in order to leave a lasting legacy for posterity.

As we seek to leave a lasting legacy, GHAFES is taking a critical look at our campus ministry and how we are discipling members of our fellowship to become responsible church members and citizens of our beloved Ghana. One key area that we seek to carve a niche to make a difference on our campuses as we seek to equip our members for the work of ministry is discipleship. With the approval of the Executive Council, GHAFES has partnered with our very own Associate, the Rev. J. F. K. Mensah, who is also the Chairman of the Apostolic Council of the Great Commission Church. This partnership is to help ensure that Christlike Disciple Making becomes a hall mark of GHAFES fellowships on all our campuses. We solicit your prayers.

Talking about legacies, it is with great joy that I announce that, the construction of the second phase of the GHAFES House has begun in earnest! This second phase will see to the completion of the outstanding furnishings of the ground floor and frame: First floor to Second floor slab. It is our hope and prayer that now that we have begun in earnest with this second phase, we will all join in renewing our financial commitment in our financial giving to complete this project to God’s glory as we leave a legacy to the next generation who will continue with this great work of “Knowing Christ and Making Him Known.”



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