5 December 2017
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5 December 2017, Comments: 0

Time is strange, isn’t it? It goes by extraordinarily fast when you want it to take its time or painfully slow when you need it, so very desperately, to move forward as fast as possible. There are moments that seem to suspend time, as if the world itself is circling your own orbit.

We can recall plenty of quotable quotes about time, in which we want to believe but are often not born out in reality: “time heals all wounds;” “all in good time;” “time will tell;” “stand the tests of time;” “time is of the essence.” All of which appear to be attempts to make our mark on time or to regulate time to our benefit.

The way we use time in daily life is also one of the best indications of what is really important to us. We can always be counted on to find time for those things we consider most important, though we may not always be willing to admit to others, or even to ourselves, what our real priorities are. Whether it is financial gain, political action or family activities, we find time for putting first those things that matter most to us. Time talks! When we give it to others, we are really giving ourselves. Time inevitably expresses our priorities and how we allocate this limited resource reveals what we value most.

As the year draws to a close and in the spirit of the Christian Season of Advent – a time of preparation that directs our hearts and minds as Christians to Christ’s second coming at the end of time and also to the anniversary of the Lord’s birth on Christmas; I wish to invite you to spend time each day reflecting on Advent as you prepare for Christmas in body, soul and spirit. Join the GHAFES family in prayer and reflection during the season. Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday day of Advent, we will offer a piece of scripture and a reflection written by an Associate of GHAFES. If you have not yet downloaded our GHAFES APP, this is the time to do it, so you can receive the reflections on your phone. Click here to download the GHAFES App. The reflections will also be made available on all our social media platforms. Let me use this opportunity to say thank you to the following Associates who contributed to the devotions:

1. “Uncle” Rev. Dr. T.B. Dankwa
2. Rev. Francis Yaw Boamah
3. Rev. Martin Obeng
4. Bro. Prof. Cyril Schandorf
5. Rev. Emmanuel Ahlijah
6. Dr. Seth Osafo
7. Rev. Gideon Para-Mallam
8. Rev. Samuel K. Boateng
9. Mrs. Emelia Oberye Monney

Finally, as we journey toward Christmas and the end of the year with its attending festivities, I invite you to think how as a household you can find a meaningful way to step away from the cultural pressures we experience in the run up to Christmas: the busy-ness, the adverts for toys, perfumes, cars, the bright flashing lights and cheap plastic reindeer. I encourage you to slow down in advent and not speed up. I pray God to enable you to make the time to be present to one another as a family. Together, let us make the time and journey to Bethlehem so that when we gather on Christmas Eve to welcome the birth of Emmanuel, our hearts are ready, longing to say “God IS with us”.

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