Dr. Yaw Perbi Charges Students for Global Missions at SMAC 2018

9 February 2018
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9 February 2018, Comments: 0

The much anticipated Students Mission Awareness Conference (SMAC) 2018 came off successfully from the January 4 – 8, 2018 at the Central Cafeteria, University of Ghana, Legon. It was well attended by 870 participants.

The main speaker of the conference, Dr. Yaw Perbi, the President of the International Student Ministries of Canada, in his usual infectious zeal charged students to be “intentionally missional” in whatever they do, laying much emphasis on the theme of the conference “Behold, the fields are ripe” John 4: 35. He went on to encourage students to go beyond the borders of Ghana with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Other speakers at the conference were Apos. Prof. Opoku Onyinah, Apos. J. F. K. Mensah, Rev. Steve Mensah and many others. God used each of these vessels in unique ways to minister powerfully to the teeming participants at the conference. Many of them led seminar sessions where they taught students practical ways by which they could be involved in Missions.

Students shared many testimonies about how they were imparted at SMAC 2018. Below are some of these testimonies from participants:

I was amazed at a seminar block where we were taught how to mobilize resources for missions. Before SMAC 2018, I thought resources for missions was all about money, but during SMAC, I had a paradigm shift.” – Mark Belifini, Garden City University College, Kumasi.

Though I’ve been working with a Missions organization for 7 years, as an exhibitor at SMAC, I was privileged to be part. I was challenged and inspired to do more for the Lord. I was overwhelmed to see how far missions had come in general- more exciting opportunities, inspiring knowledge, discovering Missions agencies and what they do, etc. I was also grateful for the Bible expositions and the opportunity to learn so much. I connected with another Missions agency and I have began discussions concerning signing up for some of their missions activities. I also got to know (from the SMAC manual) that the Kantosi people don’t have the Bible in their language, and I’m committed to finding out from the Lord what He’ll want me to do about it. I really desire to replicate a conference like SMAC for churches, pastors, and young Christians in communities. God bless the entire SMAC Team for putting together such a phenomenal conference. More grace, Guys.” – Miss Kate Azumah, Excellent Youth Outreach.

I came from Liberia to attend SMAC 2018. I came mainly to experience fellowship outside my home country. My perception about young people in worship has been changed greatly; seeing tertiary students so passionate about missions. Except for the local songs, everything else was perfect.” – Toose Yeagar Dainsee, LIFES, Liberia.

“… by the inspiration of the conference, I have organized people in my church … for evangelism and dawn broadcasting. Even this dawn, we went for dawn broadcasting and it has brought revival to the whole church … the church has now [established] an Evangelism, prisons and hospital visitation team of which I am a leader… Glory to Jesus.” – Osborn Adinyira, GHAFES UEW Central Campus

We are grateful to God for providing all the needed resources which made SMAC 2018 a great success. We would like to take this opportunity to also thank all our stakeholders who supported us in diverse way. Our prayer is that, each participant, like a burning torch, will shine their light in the darkness and make significant impact for the Lord.


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