11 June 2018
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Thirsting for truth – GHAFES Students telling Muslims about Jesus

11 June 2018, Comments: 0

Over the last year, Christian students from GHAFES Ghana have been making an unprecedented strategic and concerted effort to reach Muslims on campus. Supported […]

16 April 2018
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16 April 2018, Comments: 0

Josiah’s grandfather, Manasseh, was a violent king who filled “Jerusalem from one end to the other with {the people’s} blood” (2 Kings 21:16 NLT). […]

20 March 2018
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Celebrating Exemplary Leadership of GHAFES Associates In The Marketplace: Mr. Robert Mensah

20 March 2018, Comments: 1

Over the years, one of the primary commitments of GHAFES has been to engage students in leadership development in the areas of character formation, […]

14 March 2018
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God records, God remembers, and God rewards.

14 March 2018, Comments: 1

A story is told about a man who loves to use his money to help people who will never know it was him. On […]

23 February 2018
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GHAFES Missions: 1st Quarter Pastoral Visit

23 February 2018, Comments: 3

The missions coordinator of GHAFES, Mr. James Amoah-Mensah, has announced his first quarter pastoral visit to the mission fields from March 1 – 7, […]

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