Brief Introduction

Our aim is to let our students give back to Society what they have gained through tertiary education in specialized and sacrificial ways.

Our objectives are culled from our mission statement which empowers students to be agents of change. The objectives are:

• To inculcate in our young graduates the spirit of volunteerism

• To augment the workforce in the rural areas in a short but may have long term implications

• To give the young graduates a working experience in impacting on the less privileged in Society which will have lasting impressions on them and society

• To become models for the youth in their communities

• To help transform individuals and communities for Christ


We have been involved in rural outreach since 1995, but in a very short term basis of 3 to 4 weeks in a year during their long vacations. We go on a large scale of 50 to 100 people per district. This collaboration has been going on across the country in partnership with the District Council of Churches, World Vision and others for a number of years in an area. This kind of service is what is giving birth to this, as students wish to spend more time to help these communities develop. As a faith based organization and ministry we believe in being salt of the earth and light of the World. Our desire and quest is to let the cream of the nation’s youth bring to bear Christian values into the communities where they are posted. We stretch our hand to you for this partnership for life.

We are doing this in collaboration with National Service Secretariat. The young graduates are sacrificing their National Service which could be done in posh air-conditioned offices for deprived communities. Sleep where they sleep, Eat what they eat, drink what they drink and more importantly share the good news Of Jesus to them.


They are to approach the task holistically. They will serve as

• Teachers, if they are interested in helping in the educational sector

• Community Developers, if they are interested in helping develop communities

• Involved in Advocacy, HIV/AIDS education, Health education and poverty reduction strategies

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