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“The National Expository Preaching Seminar has improved my preaching. I am now conscious of my need to be faithful to the text as I attempt to make it relevant to the congregation. Its impact has been phenomenal Sunday after Sunday. I see the difference after being equipped at NEPS” a participant at NEPS 2005.

The National Expository Preaching Seminar (NEPS), in collaboration with Langham Partnership International (LPI), wishes to invite you to support us in equipping more pastors and preachers of the gospel so that the Church of God will continue to mature in Ghana and beyond.

We share the mission of Rev. John Stott the architect of LPI and a contemporary of Dr. Billy Graham “To equip Christian leaders and pastors who sincerely believe, diligently study, faithfully expound and relevantly apply the Word of God so that churches worldwide will be equipped to impact society with kingdom values”. This mission is founded on these convictions termed Langham logic:

•That God wants his church to grow in maturity

•That the church grows through the word of God

•The word comes to the church primarily through preaching

Therefore for the church to grow up to maturity, we need to raise the standard of preaching in the pulpit.

The National Expository Preaching Seminar (NEPS), has been running annually with a range of fifty (50) to hundred and twenty (120) participants per seminar. Pastors and Church leaders from Christian Council of Ghana, Ghana Pentecostal Council of Churches, and other independent Evangelical and Charismatic Churches have gone through it. We need to continue to raise a biblical expository movement so that the unadulterated word of God is expounded in every congregation.

A group picture of some NEPS facilitators and participants

The seminar has a five fold objective namely:

•To expose participants to expository preaching

•To motivate and equip them with skills, techniques and tools for Bible expository preaching

•To build a core of biblical expositors able to train others

•To provide literature as a resource for continual development in their ministry of expository preaching

•To promote healthy Church growth


Rev. Dr. T. B. Dankwa (Chairman)

Mr. Victor Obeng (Country Coordinator)

Rev. Emmanuel M. Ahlijah (Member)

Mr. Jude Hama (Member)

Mr. Kwame Adu (Member)

Rev. Bernard Lartey (Member)

Rev. Charlotte Opoku Addo (Member)

Rev. Emmanuel Borlabi Bortey (Vice Chair)

Mr. Isaac Mensah-Newton (Special Assistant to the Country Coordinator)


There are three (3) phases of the three year programme of Expository Preaching Seminar namely Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. The Training of Trainers (aka TOT) is the final phase of the 3 year programme which is meant to give participants further steps in to raise a vibrant group of Bible Expositors in Ghana. Below is the list of some of the areas of training:

•Modeling Bible Exposition

•Understanding the passage

•From text to sermon

•Basic Principles of interpretation

•Making the connection with the audience

•How the OT and NT inter-relate

•Personal Integrity: Living the message

•Habits of study and preparation

•Plenary Report back from small groups

•Evangelistic preaching

•Plenary 1: Biblical Prosperity

•Plenary 2: Correctly handling the Scriptures

•Preaching from OT

•Preaching from NT

•Plenary 1: The Purpose of Preaching

•Plenary 2: The Integrity of the Preacher

A training session

At a practical session


For more information contact the NEPS Secretariat located the GHAFES Head Office at #22 Odotei Tsui street Dzorwulu.

Contact the Country Coordinator

+233 (0) 24497841 /

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