A passionate appeal from an intern

8 August 2017
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8 August 2017, Comments: 4

I am Hannah Efua Annan, an intern at the Ghana Fellowship of Evangelical Students (GHAFES), writing to share my brief experience this last two months with GHAFES.

Interning at GHAFES, has thought me a lot of things I will never learn as a BSc. Business Administration student in school. Things such as fund mobilization, professional way of communicating with people with confidence, drafting of call scripts, working as a team, supporting a worthy course I believe such as SICE. Above all, I developed a solid life of integrity through our devotions,which has helped shaped my life. How would I have learnt all this if not for the existence of GHAFES
During the two months of interning with the ministry, I noticed the commitment of staff to the work of the ministry is beyond imagination.They gladly performed a lot of side jobs, going above and beyond their job description just for their love for the ministry. Earlier last month, I came to work almost 7:27am thinking I will be the first to get to the office and found a staff,who stays closer to where I live,already at work together with the security personnel, washing cars and arranging mattresses which I know is not part of their job description.A resource mobilizer, who lost her dad, even in her bereavement,was always at work mobiliz

ing funds all because of her love for the ministry. Two weeks ago, two members of staffhad to wake up very early to go to the market to buy items needed for the Northern Students in Church Evangelism (SICE) programme and then report to work just for their love and devotion to GHAFES.
The commitment and passion of the staff of GHAFES is beyond imagination. I realized satisfactory remuneration has never been their motivation.What keeps them focused on stretching beyond limit I believe,is knowing that the lives of students, the future of the nation and the church is at stake.
Most partners usually wonder how staff of GHAFES get paid since majority of the funds raised go into programs like SICE, National and Local Conferences, Leadership and Finalists Training Seminars and others.It is your generous donations that helps pay staff salaries, honour statutory obligations, utilities and other expenditures. In view of this, I wish to say thank you and God bless you.
In appreciation of their work, I humbly solicit for your generous and continuous support to supplement the 2016/2017 operational budget of GH¢1,399,642.97.
Your donation goes a long way to augment the life of staff and the ministry.




4 responses on “A passionate appeal from an intern

  1. Emmanuel says:

    GHAFES is a ministry worth supporting. The ministry can be likened to the work of a midwife. As a midwife helps in delivering life to the society so does GHAFES shape the people who enters the world of work (Tertiary Students) for the benefit of society. Such a critical ministry. Bless you for sharing.


    Thanks. God bless all GHAFES STAFF

  3. More grease to your elbows GHAFES staff. More of such ‘out-of-the-box’ services. As a collaborator with GHAFES in training and releasing the best and brightest of young and talented professionals for our community and nation, I encourage any ‘donor’ as the Lord blesses you to consider underwriting this strategic para-church ministry’s budget. It’s of a win-win value to support GHAFES.

  4. Anthony says:

    Pray for strength and open doors for all GHAFES staffs.

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