Our Governance

GHAFES is committed to good governance system (at the Board level) and effective structures (at the management level).  


The GHAFES National Director oversees GHAFES student ministry across tertiary Institutions in Ghana, and is appointed by the Board to serve students and staff at all levels. The National Director oversees the day to day management of the ministry and supervises a strong staff team across the country.


The GHAFES Board membership has a perfect blend of all major professions and leadership expertise and is composed of a chair, vice chair, national director, a senior treasurer, a general counsel and eight other voting members from around different professional backgrounds, two of whom are student representatives. The Board is appointed by the General Committee at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled every year.


The Board of GHAFES exercises governance oversight over the organization, ensuring that it is well run. In fulfilling this stewardship mandate, the Board establishes the mission, vision, and strategic direction for GHAFES, selects the right management for it and ensures it has adequate capacity, monitors and strengthens the performance of the organization, and develops and sustains effective governance structure and process.


A number of responsibilities flow from the Board’s mandate. They include the following:

  • Establish the mission and core values of the organization
  • Approve the strategic and operating plans of the organization
  • Recruit and select the General Secretary
  • Evaluate the General Secretary’s performance and provide support for him or her
  • Ensure the organization has sufficient capacity and resources
  • Provide organizational and programme support
  • Establish accountability for ethical and legal conduct
  • Monitor and strengthen the organization’s image and reputation
  • Ensure the organization’s programmes and services fall within mission boundaries and are achieving the desired outcomes
  • Recruit and train new board members
  • Establish an effective Board structure
  • Regularly evaluate Board performance and implement initiatives for increased governance effectiveness
  • Support the officers and staff workers with prayer and counsel

The Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the ultimate decision-making body in GHAFES. It is composed of the Board, Associates, Staff, other partner organizations, and Students from each GHAFES member fellowships. The Annual General Meeting takes place once every year.

The AGM provides a forum for receiving annual reports by the Board Chair, National Director and the Students National Executive Committee Chair. Other functions like reviewing audited account, approving audited accounts, fiscal records of the past year are discussed at the AGM.

As a legislative body the Annual General Meeting is responsible for accepting into membership new campus fellowship. It also amends the GHAFES Constitution when necessary.