“Depend on it. God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply. He is too wise a God to frustrate His purposes for lack of funds, and He can just as easily supply them ahead of time as afterwards, and He much prefers doing so.”― James Hudson Taylor
 During the GHAFES 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM), the Rev. Dr. Erasmus Odonkor, General Secretary of Bible Society of Ghana (BSG) shared with members of the AGM the decision of the Council of BSG to support GHAFES Missions work. This was a step to strengthen partnership and also enrich missions activities towards world evangelization.
Mr. Isaac Mensah-Newton, National Director of GHAFES together with two other staff were at the Bible House to receive the kind donation of Bibles worth Seven Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH 7,000.00). This will go a long way to help GHAFES to effectively respond to the call of discipleship; equipping converts for effective growth through the daily reading of Scripture – …teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.”- Matthew 28:19-20a.
GHAFES is indeed grateful to the Council, Management and Staff of BSG.


The International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) World Assembly is a very special expression of what IFES is: a global fellowship of national student movements, called to take the gospel of Jesus Christ into the world of the university. This takes place every four years, gathering IFES students, faculty, staff and board members from all over the globe. God has used this gathering in remarkable ways to further gospel mission and ministry in the world’s universities.

The 2019 World Assembly was the second being organized on the African soil – South Africa, after 24 years. It was a time to experience our togetherness, to be reassured of our unity in Christ, and to reaffirm our calling.
The World Assembly took place from July 1-11, 2019 at the Klein Kariba Resort- Bela Bela, Limpopo-South Africa. Over 1000 representatives from more than 170 countries gathered. Six (6) delegates from Ghana participated in this year’s  World Assembly namely: Mr. Isaac Mensah-Newton (National Director, GHAFES), Ing. Julius Kpekpena (Board Chairman, GHAFES), Ms. Debora Amoasi (Student Representation, University of Cape Coast, GHAFES), Rev. Dr. Theophilus Bamfo Dankwa (Associate and first Regional Secretary, IFES-EPSA), Dr. Mrs. Enyonam Fafa Aku Kpekpena (Associate, GHAFES) and Papa Nii Shan (Associate and Volunteer at World Assembly).

Being at the World Assembly has helped me to first appreciate that GHAFES is a unique fellowship.

Having listened to the wonderful ways God is using the students in the other movement, my passion to share the glorious hope of my Lord and Savior with my friends has increased mightily.

My Love for reading and engaging the scripture daily has also increased because I can testify that the gospel is the power of God unto salvation. Also, whenever I read the bible, I know in my heart that I am meeting God in His Word and it leaves me with the joy of fulfilment – Deborah Amoasi, Student Rep. from University of Cape Coast (UCC)

T. B. Dankwa Missions Fund and Public LectureThe T. B. Dankwa Missions Fund and Public Lecture which was first launched in July 26, 2018 under the auspices of Rev. Dr. Richard Gadzekpo, the then National Director of GHAFES towards: honoring and celebrating the contribution of the T. B. Dankwas to the GHAFES ministry and Christendom; creating awareness on national and contemporary mission-related issues through an Annual Public lecture and establishing Missions Fund to support and enrich GHAFES missions work. The second edition of the T. B. Dankwa Missions Fund and Public Lecture came off this year at the British Council main auditorium on Thursday, July 25, 2019 with two hundred and two (202) Associates and Partners in attendance.

A section of associates and partners at the 2nd T. B. Dankwah Missions Fund and Public Lecture.
The National Director, the Speaker for the lecture, Rev. Emmanuel Ahlijah and two other staff were on the Citi Breakfast show with Bernard Avle on the eve of the event to share on the focus and intended impact of the lecture.
The lecture was on the theme: “Awakening the Spirit of Patriotism and Volunteerism: the Way Forward towards “Ghana beyond Aid” – the GHAFES Model” and was excellently delivered by Rev. Emmanuel M. AhlijahHe carefully expounded on the topic, speaking on:

    1. The meaning of patriotism and its purpose
    2. Volunteerism as Offshoot of Patriotism and Its Impact on Development
    3. A cursory glance at patriotism and volunteerism curve in Ghana’s hisstory since Independence Era
    4. The importance of patriotism to nation building.
    5. Patriotism and volunteerism as result of Christian missions
    6. Biblical basis and examples of Patriotism and volunteerism
    7. Awaking Patriotism by living out the true meaning of National Service through STICS
    8. Awaking Patriotism and volunteerism to power the vision of “Ghana beyond Aid”.

He further suggested a proposal to awaken patriotism and volunteerism in our quest for “Ghana beyond Aid”; Strengthening the bond of Nationhood, Developing sense of pride and Ownership of the Ghana Brand, Inculcating certain Patriotic Values as National identity, to mention but only a few.
Honoring this remarkable event was the Finance Minister of the State, Hon. Ken Ofori-Attah as the special guest of honor, Prof. Stephen Adei as the Chairman of the event, Ing. Julius Kwame Kpekpena, Board Chairman of GHAFES etc.
Prof. Steven Addae and Hon. Ken Offori Atta
Rev. Prof. Ivy Drafor Amenya, an associate led the house to raise funds for the Missions Fund and by the grace of God, a total amount of One Hundred and Fifteen Thousand Nine Hundred and Twenty-Four Ghana Cedis (GH¢115,924.00) was realized in  cash and pledges.

To the Glory of God, this year’s T. B. Dankwa Missions Fund and Public Lecture can be called a success.
Members of the high table in shots


The Students National Executive Committee (SNEC) at its 2019 Congress which was held at the Pentecost University College (P.U.C), Sowutuom elected new Executives, SNEC Officers to spearhead the activities of the movement.

GHAFES as a students focused organization is basically driven by students’ initiatives and it is in this regard that the National Executives hold a yearly retreat to deliberate on matters arising from congress, plan for the next academic/spiritual year and also get trained for effective leadership. This year’s SNEC Officers Retreat was held at the University of Professional Studies (UPS) from July 26 to July 28, 2019.
The officers had series of business meetings discussing the way forward for the ministry in light of Effective Discipleship, strengthening of Cell Group Systems on our campuses, strengthening and instituting Counseling Units on our campuses, Missions and Evangelism and many others. These leaders were also taken through the GHAFES Campus Ministry Plan by the Ag. Campus Ministry Director, Mr. Victor Gyabaah. They also had some time of interaction with a former SNEC Chairman, Mr. Daniel Tetteh where he shared experiences and encouraged them.

The SNEC Officers in shot withthe National Director, Mr. Isaac Mensah-Newton
Mr. Isaac Mensah-Newton, the National Director also met the SNEC Officers at the GHAFES House conference room and shared the burden the Lord had laid on his heart for the ministry with them. He encouraged the officers to be steadfast as we seek to raise students who will not only be prepared for heaven but will be of earthly relevance, making godly impact wherever they are found.

Glory be to God!

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