A session of students at the SNEC Congress 2019

The Students National Executive Committee (SNEC) Congress 2019 was held at the Pentecost University College (P.U.C), Sowutuom from April 18 to April 22, 2019. This brought together one hundred and thirty (130) student leaders (i.e. presidents and secretaries of our campus fellowships) across the country to take reports, plan and strategize on ways to positively impact their colleagues and continue to stay relevant in the fast changing ‘campus world.’ Also, in attendance were Campus Ministry Coordinators and Zonal Ministry Coordinators.

The leaders, by the end of the congress and among others,had well defined outlines that will help track progress of the Small Group Discipleship Class.had a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the ministry focus for the year and were challenged to effect it at the local Campus Fellowships.had grasped and agreed to adapt to the revised GHAFES Programs content.had been challenged to put to force necessary leadership tools that will culminate into growth, fruitfulness and excellence of local Campus Fellowships.We praise God for discussions and resolutions the leaders took during the congress.

Notable amongst all discussions was a panel discussion on the topic, “Dealing with the misery of corruption in Ghana- the Role of SNEC”. The panelists Ing. Julius Kwame Kpekpena, GHAFES Executive Council Chairman, Mr. Alex Dordor and Justice Rebecca Sittie brought to light the issues of corruption in various sectors and challenged the leadership to eschew all forms of corrupt behaviours and practices. In view of that, ALL the SNEC members espoused and resolved to commit to the GHAFES Integrity Pledge (below) and committed to ensuring same at their local fellowships.


(Adopted and Resolved by SNEC to be committed to this Integrity Pledge at SNEC Congress’19)
I promise on my honour
To be faithful and loyal to God
With all my heart, my strength and mind.
I promise to hold in high esteem
the salvation given by Grace
through the blood Jesus shed on the cross.
I promise to uphold the highest standards
of integrity and Christian disciplines
And follow best ethical practices in all of my life’s
Day-by-day endeavors
And I pledge myself, in all things
To uphold and defend the good name of Jesus Christ,
By the power of the Holy Spirit,
So help me God.

 The SNEC elected its new leaders as it is done annually at SNEC Congresses to oversee its activities and serve as a bridge between them, staff and executive council. The newly appointed executives were:

  • Bismarck Ofosu Amoah – SNEC Chairman
  • Priscilla Opokua  Nimako – SNEC Secretary
  • Daniel Kofi Tetteh – National Prayer Director
  • Theresa Fletcher – National Financial Rep
  • Frank Nkrumah Mafri – Northern Missions Coordinator
  • Adjei Razak – Southern Missions Coordinator
  • Sharon Gyasi Dankyira – South East Zonal President
  • Doreen Akosah Gyamfua – South East Financial Rep
  • Derrick Asante – Mid-Ghana Zonal President
  • Emmanuel Asiamah – Mid-Ghana Zonal Financial Rep
  • Prince Kusi Armstrong – Northern Zonal President
  • Yvette Akubia Northern – Zonal Financial Rep
  • Timothy Obeng  – South West Zonal President

To God be all glory for the great time of report reading, assessments, reflections and resolutions.


SNEC Congress has always been awesome. We always have well-seasoned speakers who know what they are talking about. GHAFES always brings to us exactly what we need for a particular topic. I was greatly blessed. – Portia Sackey, GHAFES UCC Outgone Secretary.

I had a lot of thought provoking experiences from the sessions held. I have learnt a lot about excellence in leadership and I endeavor to implement them  in my fellowship. –  Michelle Sam, CMF KATH

My take home message was the fact that the speaker said I can’t bear the seed of God if I’ve not had intimacy with Him. Basically, he addressed the very things I need to make things better and some of the requisite things that will make the fellowships move on. The sessions were very impactful. –  Danor Sintim, CMF KNUST

The National Director, Isaac Mensah-Newton passionately speaking on the state of GHAFES and the way forward at the SNEC Congress 2019


The GHAFES pastoral team, James Amoah-Mensah (Missions Coordinator), Shadrack Amissiah   (CMC, South West Zone), and Katakyie Tachi (Past STICS Personnel) left Accra on 11th April, 2019 for Nkwanta South and Krachi Nchumburu districts in the Oti Region, to visit some of the STICS communities.

The team first visited Abrewankor, which was among the pioneering communities for GHAFES STICS in 2009. We met the chief, teachers and some opinion leaders to enquire about the impact of GHAFES STICS on the Abrewankor village. Having said a lot, they appreciated the impact GHAFES has made in their community of which they are still benefiting from. The stakeholders in the Abrewankor village acknowledged the fact that the village never had a tertiary student/graduate as at 2009 but they can now boast of over twenty (20) graduates and another fifty (50) or more in various tertiary institutions. They also acknowledged the impact of the Abrewankor Education Fundstarted by James and Albert, the first graduate missionaries to the village in 2010 and its impact on their wards.

Currently there are about ten (10) Abrewankor students who will be graduating from various tertiary institutions this year. Out of this number six (6) are direct beneficiaries of the Abrewankor Education fund.

They thanked God for GHAFES for the work that has been done in the village in the area of Education, Christianity and Community Development. However, the Chief and Assemblyman calls on GHAFES to send STICS personnel to the community to help them stating that sine the last batch of STICS Personnel left the community in 2015 there has been gradual decline in academic performance and moral standards whiles social vices among the youth escalates.  

The team also visited the GHAFES STICS personnel at Wiae Nchumburu in the Kpandai District, meeting with James Gyamah (from Abrewankor) and Juliet Minta to discuss the success stories. Juliet shared that a large number of students were dropouts but through their initiatives (i.e. provision of school uniforms) with the help of the Missions Coordinator, they have reported back to school and are thriving academically. 

A section of disciples in a bible study class

Furthermore, about 25 children are currently being discipled by Juliet through AWANA activities and evening classes in community. James Gyamah has also been engaging the B.E.C.E and S.H.S students who are on break for regular evening classes.

We met Pastor Arthur Norman (Church of Pentecost Minister at Boafri) who spoke well of Cynthia, the graduate missionary assigned to their village, especially for her teaching and work with the Local Council Churches in Woranja. He called for more graduates like Cynthia who have been trained and conditioned to serve rural communities like Woranja, Kaliako and Boafri.

Lastly, the team met the youth of Ducie where they held a seminar on Academics and Personal Development, organized a party for the Children in the town ship and gavetwenty (20) newschool uniformsto some needy school children

Some students who benefited from the free school uniforms given by the Missions Coordinator

To God be the glory for the great work being done in these villages by the selfless acts of our graduate missionaries.
Mr. James Amoah-Mensah, GHAFES Missions Coordinator


The Northern Zonal Finalist Integrity Conference 2019, under the theme “Developing the next Generation through discipleship and mentorship” took place on Saturday, April 6, 2019 at UDS Nyankpala Campus

A total number of sixty one (61) students from three fellowships (i.e. GHAFES TaTU, UDS Tamale Campus and UDS Nyankpala Campus) participated. This year’s Integrity Conference was blessed to have Ps. Joseph Alhassan, Rev. Edward Azeka, Dr. Richard Yeboah and Anthony Kabah speaking on Getting it Right: Relationship talk, The Graduate Altar, Branding for the Job Market and Entrepreneurship and Financial Integrity respectively. Beyond the seminars, the integrity coneference had in attendance a number of associates who took the finalists through a mentorship session.

The sixty one (61) students left very much impacted, educated and motivated. Glory be to God Almighty.

Seminar block at the Finalist Integrity Seminar


  • “Kudos to GHAFES for bringing such seasonal speakers to impart our lives. I would have done myself a great disfavor if I missed this conference. I wish I had joined GHAFES all through my years on campus. However, I am greatly thankful for this conference” (UDS NYC SCC welfare 2018/2019).
  • “I really enjoyed the conference. Though I am not a finalist I have no regrets attending and I will not miss the next one for anything” (Asamoah David, GHAFES Tamale Technical University- TaTU ).
  • “I think I had a lot of things wrong growing up. If not for this program, I am sure I would have had troubles in relationship. Relational issues that bothered me have been addressed. God bless the GHAFES! (Quayson Lordina UDS TLC).