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Oct 19

The GHAFES Voice

THE GHAFES VOICE: SEPTEMBER, 2019 NEWSLETTER  October 17, 2019 ghafes GHAFES Leadership Training Seminars Our Zonal Leadership Training Seminars (ZLTS) and Local...
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Aug 19


BIBLE SOCIETY OF GHANA SUPPORTS GHAFES MISSIONS “Depend on it. God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s...
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Jun 19


THE STUDENTS NATIONAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE (SNEC) CONGRESS 2019 A session of students at the SNEC Congress 2019 The Students National Executive...
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Jun 19


In the year 2017, GHAFES SICE team in the community of Woranja, a village in the Chinderi district, Volta Region...
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Jun 19

SICE Oreintation 2019

The orientation started on 7th June at the Volta Hall Of University of Ghana, Legon. it will run through to...
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Feb 19

Breaking New Grounds

GHAFES as we know started as a University Movement and was called Ghana Inter University Christian fellowship (GIUCF) until the...
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GHAFES Leadership Training Seminars
 Our Zonal Leadership Training Seminars (ZLTS) and Local Leadership Training Seminars (LLTS) seek to build leadership competence, character development and care in ministry and also use to train our student leaders to be effective and enable them live and lead like Christ.
 By the grace of God, the South-East Zone held its leadership training seminar as a zone, ZLTS at the University of Ghana, Accra City Campus on September 07, 2019. A total of One Hundred and Forty-Six (146) fellowship executives were present at the training seminar from all the 18 fellowships in the zone. Mr. Nana Yaw Offei Awuku was the main speaker under the topic, The portrait of a Christlike Leader.
A section of students at the South East Zonal Leadership Training Seminar
Beyond this, all the executives were grouped into smaller groups according to departments and trained in that regard. Below are some seminar topics:Leadership, vision casting and Executive meeting dynamics.Prayer Therapy – Building individual Prayer life of fellowship members.Spiritual Formaçion: Best practices in Building up fellowship members spirituallyMinister takingMobilizing resources for the local fellowship and financial record keepingBest practices in organizing events.We give God the glory for the success of the Zonal Leadership Training Seminar

At this year’s ZLTS, I learnt about what it takes to be a Christlike leader to your subordinates. I for one, have had a problem with planning but this training has enlightened me on how I could plan the ideas that I have and make them effective working ideas. Also, I learnt how to see and hear from God’s perspective when it comes to taking of decisions and discharging them. – Daniel Kofi Tetteh, President, GHAFES ATU
Mr. Nana Yaw Offei Awuku practically demonstraiting the portrait of a Christlike Leader
GHAFES Sunyani Technical University (STU), GHAFES Garden City University College and GHAFES University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) fellowship leaders were also taken through the LLTS last month. A total of twenty-four (24) executives were present and were taken through trainings on the:Campus Ministry Work planContact Family Group manualFellowship growthWe give God the glory for the success of the Local Leadership Training Seminar.

Feedback:As the Evangelism and Prayer Director, this training on Contact Family Group has helped me to know how to reach out to people in one on one evangelism. It has also widened my Knowledge in terms of gathering people and studying the Bible inductively with them. CFG is indeed potent to help form Christ in our members.-  Boateng Agyenim Derrick, GHAFES University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) During the seminar I was taught that effective discipleship is not only by instructions but by imitation and for that matter our character should be worthy of emulation before God and man as leaders of the Fellowship. I also learnt that a planned and intentional follow –up is needed to keep “freshers” and new fellowship members which enhance fellowship growth. – Cecillia Bonsu, GHAFES GCUC
Associates’ Fellowship Meeting
 On Sunday September 08, the 2nd Associates Fellowship Meeting in Cape Coast came off at the Sasakawa Conference room of the University of Cape Coast. The subject for discussion on the night was “Understanding and Responding to Church Politics” and the expositor was Rev. Prof. Eric Nii Bortey Anum, an associate of GHAFES, lecturer and a Presbyterian minister. There was a total of 60 associates in attendance.
It came out clearly from the talk and discussion that politics in church especially among church leadership is a reality. Where it has not been handled well, its effects have been damning. It was however established that there can be some positive dimensions to it. Politics in church governance is not always avoidable, but how it is approached can either cause a negative or positive effect on the growth of the church.

Feedback:Attending this associates’ fellowship meeting has caused me to see church politics in a different perspective. It was insightful. – Mrs. Mercy Ofori My eyes have been opened to the importance of building church structures in order to survive for years – Mr. Cephas Aziabou I have been enlightened with regards to the things happening in church leadership” – Mr. Fidelis Kuebutornye
6 Field Staff and a student retooled for effective ministry
 As part of continual efforts to equip staff with the requisite skills for effective ministry, all field staff were sponsored to partake in the 2019 Challenge Pastors Conference. The conference, under the theme, Intentional Disciple Making was geared towards reorienting the church to refocus on its commission. Below are some feedback from the conference:
The conference has really been impactful. It has helped increased my knowledge and commitment in practical discipleship. I learnt from the conference, Jesus’ practical strategies for intentional transformational discipleship which made him successful in his ministry on earth. I will therefore inculcate Jesus methods and strategies of discipleship in my personal Christian life and also in my work as a Campus Ministry Coordinator for Kingdom Advancement. – Jackson Oduro, CMC MGZ, GHAFES
The conference has impacted me in many ways and I believe the impact will flow through me to others especially my fellow students on campus. I have come to realize the need for a laid down structure to facilitate the discipleship making process and also understood that intentional discipleship is the way to grow a Christian unto maturity in Christ to become more and more like Christ. A big thank you to the GHAFES ministry for this opportunity to have been part of the conference. – Bruce-Gaskin Magdalene Naa Odarkor, GHAFES, HTU
Intentional Disciple Making: Another Christian Slogan?
 Recently, to draw attention to the needfulness of going back to the mandate given to the disciples of Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:18 -20: The theme: Intentional Disciple Making has been the focus by Christian groups like GHAFES and the just ended Challenge Enterprise Pastors and Leaders Conference to refocus Christian leaders and Christians in general on our mandate. 

Without a doubt, there seem to be an awakening of a sort by ‘the body of Christ’ to return to biblical discipleship in the midst of an ever increasing disconnect between our Christian belief and practice. It is really true that authentic disciples of Jesus Christ are becoming very scarce with the passing of each day as many churches do nothing about small group bible studies beyond the Sunday services.
It was therefore a great learning experience for me participating in the annual flagship pastors and Christian leaders conferences organised by Challenge Enterprise of Ghana. This year’s conference took place at the usual venue, Accra Ridge Church from the 2-5 September 2019 with the theme: INTENTIONAL DISCIPLE MAKING.
I must say I didn’t expect anything new, I took it as a refresher training in disciple making but I am glad for this opportunity .The four-day exposition by seasoned speakers like Apostle Jude Hama and Bro Gbile Akanni opened my heart to a deeper dimension of what discipleship really is about. The entirety of intentional disciple making was clearly encapsulated in the definition of discipleship given by Bro Gbile Akanni as Learnership. He stated: “Discipleship is not about learning mere abstract principles but we learning a person, even the person of the Lord Jesus”.
He further highlighted that genuine discipleship must focus on Jesus the Christ as the only content. If the content is not squared on Christ, it is not going to produce disciples of His desire. Acts 5:42: And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ.
Oh how I pray INTENTIONAL DISCIPLEMAKING does not become another slogan in our midst but an awakening call to the church to refocus on the essentials of what Christ Jesus expects of us. – Mrs. Bernice Asiedu (ZMC, SEZ, GHAFES).
My Experience from ISDT Cont’d
The Institute for Staff Development Training (ISDT), a development of the IFES-EPSA Region, has since its inception sought to;Provide keen theological studies for staff across the region with the aim of equipping staff with the relevant theological tools for engaging the ever changing pluralistic culture university.Provide a warm platform of inter-movement relationships which will become a hub for sharing new ideas and providing encouragement for one another.Testimonies:Peer learning from colleagues from other National Movements.I am so grateful for this rich cross-cultural experience. It’s always a blessing to learn from one another. Working without peer learning always ignites a sense of complacency. But getting the opportunity to listen to my colleagues from other national movements across the region and beyond was humbling. I have been motivated greatly. My comfort zones have been challenged. I want to do more for Christ and His Kingdom on the campus. I have gained new ideas viz. starting of reading clubs and Christian libraries to further enhance the discipleship of the mind, starting of Scholars Fellowship for the faculty and many more.I have developed quality relationships through which some like my brother Khartan Albert Mosolo from Lesotho has become a lifetime prayer and accountability partner. It was a time of deep reflection as I received great feedback from colleagues sometimes for affirmation, other times for rebuke and correction and mostly for encouragement. I have heard more as listened.
Reflection on My ministry Back HomeEach activity and theological study provided a fresh review to what I do on the campus. I realized how I am to fill in the training gaps of students and student leaders to include key things which will incorporate the discipleship of the mind.I hope to build stronger small groups of students on the campuses.
Moreover, my knowledge on engaging the university campus has changed as I am challenged to take the university on its own terms. But mostly I have realized the apparent need to balance work and rest to avoid burnout.

I really appreciate the board and the management of GHAFES for this privilege. I am enormously grateful to IFES for initiating a journey of self-discovery. – Nana Kojo (Ag. ZMC, SWZ, GHAFES)
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