Immediate Release on COVID-19

The Board and Management of the Ghana Fellowship of Evangelical Students (GHAFES) have been following with great interest the current crisis created by the outbreak of COVID – 19, especially the report of confirmed cases in Ghana. In line with the directive by the President of the Republic, we urge all our Local Campus Fellowships (LCFs) to suspend central/large fellowship meetings with immediate effect for the next four weeks.  In the meantime, all GHAFES fellowships are advised to use the Contact Family Groups (small groups) as platforms for worship, mutual edification, and evangelism and discipleship with number not exceeding six (6) students.  Students are further advised to adhere to the President’s directive relative to school attendance, personal hygiene, and other social interactions.

Secondly, all our short-term missionaries in the various mission fields are directed to suspend large public gatherings, namely: crusades, trainings, workshops, social talks and other gatherings which would fit into any of these categories until further notice.  However, small gatherings (with number not exceeding six) for discipleship and nurturing are encouraged, as long as proper social distancing and personal hygiene norms can be observed.

Thirdly, all Associates’ Fellowship Executive Committees (AFEC) are encouraged to postpone all impending Associates’ Fellowship Meetings (AFMs) until further notice. This is to ensure that personal and public health is not compromised by any GHAFES related activity.

We hereby entreat all our field staff especially Campus / Zonal Ministry Coordinators, Missions Coordinator as well as Zonal Advisory Support Committees, Associates’ Fellowship Committees, Associate Staff to ensure that this advisory note is complied with.  To the extent possible, we encourage staff to employ technology such as emails, telephone calls, telephone and video conferences, and social media to discharge their responsibilities and minimize physical contact.  Where physical meetings cannot be avoided, we encourage all persons to keep a distance of two metres from one another.

While campus and impending Associates’ Fellowship meetings in large numbers have been suspended, administrative work and small groups meetings (with number not exceeding six) continue in the interim.  The Board and Management shall issue further communiqué to provide guidance as the situation evolve.

We call on all to continue in prayer for God’s intervention.  We also humbly appeal to all Students, Associates, Staff and Partners to religiously adhere to the Ghana Health Service and Ministry of Information precautionary and distancing guidelines to ensure the safety of all.  Remember to use hand sanitizer often and regularly wash your hands with soap under running water.

Let us all be calm and avoid anxiety and serve as hope outlets for a troubled world as we meditate on the reassuring truths of Jesus Christ, “I am leaving you with a gift – peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.” (John 14:27, NLT). Remain Blessed!!!

Mr. Isaac Mensah-Newton (National Director-GHAFES)

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