Responding To World Economic Injustice – the implications for the third world


There is a voice on the streets
Moving as in a fleet
In the holes and pits as a bleat

Men yearning for self reliance
Women mourning our aid reliance
The Young have lost hope
The old can hardly cope
Weak and bold ,Black and white
All cry out on the street 3rd worlds

A cry for help
A help from slavery
Slavery of debts, not the best
Slavery of injustice for justice
Slavery of deception and mirage

From those who call themselves “Super powers “
Who enrich the few at the expense of the masses.

At noon all shadows disappear
We are at the noon of progress
But a shadow of regress still lingers

 Who will come to our aid?
When our leaders are prone to accept  deception
Where countries are given aids with interests they can’t pay
 Yet they have no say
Hmm, the church has little to say
But wait, at GHAFES we are agents of change

Yes a people with heavenly focus and earthly significance

52 years of independence
52 years of making Christ known

  What do we say about economic injustices?

By ghafes

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